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Eurogate Logistics 

Eurogate is a group of freight forwarding companies present in 8 European Countries with 16 offices. Its head-office is in London, UK, which is also the oldest one, it was founded in 1989.

The group is 100% privately owned, employs 125 people, and has an expected turnover of 54 m EUR in 2011.

The service portfolio includes Short- and Deep-Sea shipping, Air- and Roadfreight, and also Project-Shipping. The company is 100% asset free, traditionally built on West-East traffic, having one of the oldest Eastern-European freight services in the UK, including Russia and all ex-Soviet states.

Eurogate never owned any vehicles or vessels, its forwarding activity is entirely based on long-term partnerships and contracts with hauliers, air- and shipping lines, some of them over 15 years old.

The client portfolio includes companies like: Alcoa, Philips, Unilever, Nestlé,Kellogs, Do+Co, Kenvelo, Arcelor Mittal, Husqvarna,WD40, Bobcat, Procter and Gamble, and 3M.


Groupage services to- and from the UK:

  • 3 departures a week to Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia,Serbia,Macedonia,Albania,Bosnia and Slovakia
  • 2 departures a week to Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Austria
  • Weekly departures to Latvia,Lithuania,Estonia,Russia,Belorus and Ukraine.

In every country with groupage-coverage, Eurogate also offers domestic distribution, customs- and excise services and in some locations warehousing, too.

FTL coverage includes Western-and Eastern Europe, Russia and all ex- Soviet states.

Sea- and Airfreight services are global, benefiting from long term agency agreements and own consolidation in Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Taipei , Dhaka and Seoul.  Regular Short – Sea destinations.

include all major European ports, St.Petersburg and Kaliningrad. Project shipping is also worldwide, with very strong ties to the ex-Soviet states.